I have never been politically active and have stayed away from discussing politics with most friends and even some family.  But I cannot remain silent any longer.

With 100 Senators and 435 Representatives in the House, our tax dollars pay almost $100 Million per year in Congressional salaries.  In addition to Congressional oversight, their primary responsibility is passing legislation to help US citizens.  If they’re not passing meaningful, bipartisan legislation, are they really earning their salaries?

When I get to DC, I will look for common ground.  I will encourage Democrats to find the “good” in Republicans’ bills.  I will encourage Republicans to find the “good” in Democrats’ bills.  Where there’s disagreement, I will use my persuasive skills to encourage compromise.  Where compromise is not possible, I will work to remove only the portion where agreement cannot be found.  I will work tirelessly to pass the “good” parts.  I will not let pursuit of the perfect be the enemy of the good.  I will not let good ideas wither on the vine!

Neither party has a monopoly on good ideas.  Members of both parties must keep their minds open.  That’s not happening now.  That’s what I plan to change.

Whether you identify as Republican or Democrat, I hope you will support me because I will represent all the people.  

Our legislators need to legislate!