Campaign Prospectus

Meet Carolyn Rush

During three decades of engineering, Carolyn honed her problem-solving skills. As a manager, Carolyn honed her people skills. With a knack for explaining things, Carolyn encourages better listening and comprehension from her audiences by breaking complex issues into basic elements, helping people understand all sides of interrelated issues.

The first time Carolyn thought about running for an elected office was while attending a Women’s March in DC after Donald Trump’s election. There were many inspiring speeches given by an array of brilliant women. They encouraged the assembled protesters to be the change they wanted to see.

The following year Carolyn attended the March for our Lives in DC.  Again, she listened to many inspiring speeches – this time, by young people affected by gun violence. The march was shortly after the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. As Carolyn listened to their impassioned pleas, she thought for sure legislators would pass laws to curb gun violence. When all we got was “thoughts and prayers” Carolyn became determined to do something. Carolyn decided to BE the change she wanted to see.

The appalling events of the past five years — and the grave, ongoing threats to the very survival of democracy in the US sealed the deal.

The primary responsibility of Congress is to pass legislation to benefit Americans. If members of Congress cannot pass meaningful, bipartisan legislation, they aren’t really earning their salaries. Legislators need to legislate!

    • The stability of American Democracy is under threat like never before. Carolyn supports HR1, The For the People Act. Carolyn will fight to ensure free, fair, and inclusive elections.
    • Carolyn strongly supports the passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.
    • Carolyn fully supports the Build Back Better social infrastructure programs; child tax credits, universal pre-K, family leave, Climate investments, expanded Health Care Coverage, Affordable Housing.
    • She is committed to curbing the effects of climate change and believes spending on tech innovations to fight climate change grows the economy by creating jobs in good paying sectors.
    • All Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, must be treated equally under the law. Discrimination against LGBTQ Americans must end.

New Jersey’s 2nd District


Despite NJ’s 2nd Congressional District’s reputation as a safe Republican district, the seat is uniquely winnable for Democrats in 2022. Jeff Van Drew won the district in 2018 as a DEMOCRAT. Since we know the registered voters are open to voting for a Democratic Candidate, the right Democratic candidate could tilt the scale in 2022.

The district’s racial demographic is 64% White, 17% Hispanic, 12% Black, and 4% Asian.

The per capita income for residents of the District is less than that of the state of New Jersey as a whole.

The 2nd District has a disproportionate number of residents living below the poverty line compared to that of the overall state.

About The Race

New Jersey’s second congressional district elected Republican Congressional Representative from the 1994 until 2018. However, the demographics of the district have shifted over the past decade from a safe republican seat to a seat that is more than winnable for the Democratic party.


In the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans won the seat with over 65% of the votes.

By 2018 democrats had flipped the seat, winning nearly 53% of the votes.


Although the seat flipped back to Republican, the 2020 election was much more competitive than those in the early part of the decade. Republican Jeff Van Drew won just over half of the votes which suggests that the seat is still very much in play for Democrats.

Statements Of Support

Founder / CEO, Speridian Technologies, GIRISH PANICKER

Through her many years in engineering, Carolyn has proven herself as a very capable problem-solver.  Carolyn has held several management positions which have helped her develop excellent interpersonal skills.  She mastered the skill of bringing diverse individuals together to solve complex problems.  She helped the engineers on her team keep their minds open to the ideas of the other engineers and guided them to find solutions that would best achieve their customer’s goals.  Carolyn’s personal values and professional skillsets – a combination of clear-eyed analytics and collaborative problem-solving — developed over three decades make her ideally qualified to serve as a Congressional Representative for NJ’s 2nd District.

Retired Senior VP, Asset Management, Prudential Investments, CHARLES LAWRENCE

There is more that unites us than divides us. Politicians too often take sides to appeal to a segment of their constituents and fail to reach out, listen and try to work toward solutions that work for all of us. We need a bridge builder, a problem solver like Carolyn Rush, a non-politician, with the management experience and ability to work with teams (others).

Carolyn Rush will work to find common sense solutions that strengthen our middle-class economy, protect taxpayers and hold government accountable.

Union Representative, THOMAS K. HARTLE

Carolyn Rush is a single working Mom who knows the struggles of working families. She is an advocate for lowering taxes, saving the environment, protecting front line workers, lowering health care costs, solving women’s issues and helping small business all of which support working families. Carolyn is the perfect person to represent the working families of Congressional District 2.