The Economy Must Work for All!

The economy touches us all, some more than others, but it affects every South Jersey voter. The combination of technology, globalization and tax policy have combined to increase compensation and wealth for people at the top. CEO’s, entrepreneurs, high paid celebrities and athletes benefit while blue collar workers suffer from depressed wages. We have to have an economy that works for all of us.

I support tax policies benefiting the middle class and low income families as well as small business. They provide additional funds to families likely to spend on food, medicine, clothing, and shelter. They provide funds to businesses likely to spend on supplies and merchandise to sell. This helps grow the economy. Conversely, tax policies that provide additional funds to big businesses and the wealthy don’t generally spur economic growth. They are more likely to invest then spend extra income. I’ll prioritize spending on social programs for middle and low-income families. The economy must support training and educational opportunities that lead to good jobs. I support a minimum wage that keeps working people above the poverty line.

As a concerned citizen and employee of the nation’s largest defense contractor, I support a strong military. I believe spending money on the military must be balanced with spending money for the care of our citizens.

Climate change is the industrial revolution of the 21st Century with the potential to create millions of new, high paying jobs. I’m absolutely committed to curbing the effects of climate change. It’s my firm belief that spending on technological innovations to fight climate change grows the economy by creating jobs in sectors that pay good wages. I fully support infrastructure spending to create jobs and open economic opportunities in much needed areas.

I support trade agreements that protect U.S. workers, fair trade more than protectionism! The US can compete with anyone if the trading rules are fair and I will demand fair trade for south Jersey workers.

I believe in reducing the Federal Debt. A progressive tax system will help us get there.

Millionaires & billionaires can afford to pay the same tax rate they paid in the ‘90’s under the Clinton Administration, one of the best economies ever that produced a balanced budget. IT CAN BE DONE. WE’VE DONE IT BEFORE!

The debt ceiling must go. Just like any head of household knows, once you incur debt, you must pay it off. Passing legislation that pays for itself is better than going into debt then deciding later whether or not to pay it.

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