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Carolyn Rush – In her own words – Public presentation

Compare and Contrast the Candidates: Carolyn Rush at the Harrison Township Democratic Committee Town Hall

About Carolyn

Carolyn Rush is a problem solver with a viable plan to fix our DC gridlock.

Well prepared to represent New Jersey’s 2nd District, Carolyn endorses the initiatives outlined by her fellow Democrats.

Too often, our representatives let the ‘perfect’ become the enemy of the ‘good.’

Some politicians are unwilling to craft a reasonable compromise, and tribalism abounds.

Carolyn brings exceptional management skills, a ‘Guardrail Capitalist’ economic policy, and a mindset of innovation honed through years of technical expertise and the experience that only a mother of 5 can provide.

Carolyn is a problem solver. Exactly what Congress, and New Jersey’s 2nd District, needs.

Carolyn: An engineer skilled at solving complex problems

Carolyn: A manager who knows how to bring people together to work toward mutually beneficial goals

Carolyn: A proud mother of 5 who knows how to deal with children and childish behavior

Carolyn: A citizen concerned about justice and fairness: For everyone

Important Issues

Israeli / Palestinian Conflict

My Support for J-Street and Its Human Rights Advocacy

Middle East violence is always simmering just below the surface, ready to boil over.

Lone wolf attacks of innocent Israeli citizens are often seen as predictable responses to long-held frustrations by Palestinians with their leadership’s inability to negotiate meaningfully with the Israeli government. (Read more…)


The Economy Must Work for All!

The economy touches us all, some more than others, but it affects every South Jersey voter. The combination of technology, globalization and tax policy have combined to increase compensation and wealth for people at the top. CEO’s, entrepreneurs, high paid celebrities and athletes benefit while blue collar workers suffer from depressed wages.

We have to have an economy that works for all of us. (Read more…)

Climate Change

Climate change the existential threat

Climate change is an indisputable global emergency. We have no time to waste in taking action to protect Americans’ lives and futures. If we’re willing to accept the scientific evidence and meet the challenge of saving our planet, we can also create a thriving, equitable, and globally-competitive clean energy economy that puts American workers and communities first and leaves no one behind.

(Read more…)


Americans Deserve High-Quality, Affordable Health Care

The United States, the wealthiest nation in the history of civilization, ranks dead last among the West’s 11 highest-per-capita income countries as the worst-performing nation in terms of delivering health care to its population.

This is unacceptable. We can – and must – do better.

I’ll fight to expand Medicare coverage by lowering the eligibility age to 55, expand the range and scope of health services offered — and fight for legislation that will allow the Federal government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. This will offer new and or more affordable health care coverage to all New Jersey residents. (Read more…)

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