Carolyn Rush is

An engineer who is  skilled at solving a multitude of complex problems. 

A manager who brings people together to work toward mutually beneficial goals.

A proud mother of 5, who knows how to deal with childish behavior, even amongst adults.

A citizen concerned about justice and fairness. 

For everyone

About Carolyn

Carolyn Rush is a problem solver with a viable plan to fix our DC gridlock.

Well prepared to represent New Jersey’s 2nd District, Carolyn endorses the initiatives outlined by her fellow Democrats.

Too often, our representatives let the ‘perfect’ become the enemy of the ‘good.’ Some politicians are unwilling to craft a reasonable compromise, and tribalism abounds.

Carolyn brings exceptional management skills, a ‘Guardrail Capitalist’ economic policy, and a mindset of innovation honed through years of technical expertise and the experience that only a mother of 5 can provide.

Carolyn is a problem solver

Exactly what Congress, and New Jersey’s 2nd District, needs.

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