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Fundraising Team

This team will perform a critical function for the campaign.  A campaign’s viability is largely determined by its ability to raise money. 

The Fundraising Team members will help with:

  • Seeking individuals or groups willing to host a fundraiser.
  • Discussing the proposed date, time and venue with the candidate or her designated representative.
  • Follow-up with individuals or groups who have voiced interest in hosting a fundraiser.
  • Coordinate with the Social Media Team to publicize the event

Opposition Research Team

The only way to quickly respond to Jeff Van Drew’s bad behavior is to keep on top of his every move!

The Opposition Research Team members will:

  • Identify discrepancies between current vote and prior vote on the same topic.
  • Monitor all statements made by Jeff Van Drew so that false statements can be identified and exposed.
  • Identify discrepancies between current positions and prior positions on the same topic.
  • Monitor all votes taken by Jeff Van Drew to identify the votes that are NOT in the best interest of
    • Veterans
    • Women
    • Elderly
    • Planet
    • Middleclass

Communications Team

Old-fashioned writing is still a very important part of any campaign.

Members of the Communications Writing Team will:

  • Write postcards to be mailed to residents in the district.
  • Organize postcard writing parties for the campaign to jumpstart the postcard effort
  • Write letters to newspapers and newspaper editors about the campaigns.

County Captain

Would you like to help organize your county to become a powerhouse for Carolyn?  Energetic and committed individuals are needed for each of the teams above.  As a County Captain, you will accompany the candidate (when possible) to events in your County to support and garner volunteers.  This will help generate ideas for growth. County Captains are needed to help build consensus in your County and push Carolyn across the finish line!

Events Team

Getting Facetime before constituents is essential for the candidate.

The Events Team Members will:

  • Actively recruit individuals or groups willing to host a fundraiser or meet & greet.
  • Work with the campaign and the individual to establish a date, time, and venue.
  • Assist in the creation and distribution of invitations.
  • Maintain an accurate list of invitees/attendees.

Current Issues Team

It is critical for the candidate be on top of all the issues and events.  Candidates get very busy and can miss the news.

Current Issues Team Members will:

  • Provide information regarding the mission and purpose of the group before whom the candidate has a speaking engagement.
  • Keep the candidate up to date on local, State and National news. This will include:
    • Events happening across the district (i.e., public memorials, parades, etc)
    • Government actions with local impact (i.e., a Federal grant proposal for NJ)

Social Media Team

The importance of a strong social media presence for the campaign cannot be overstated.

The Social Media Team Members will: 

  • Constantly post the candidate’s message.  
  • Look for new social media groups, or media forms to promote the candidate’s message.  
  • Increase participation on Carolyn’s social media accounts.  
  • Make sure all campaign posts reach all social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, TikTok, X (f.k.a. Twitter) Instagram, Threads).
  • Create new and more interesting ways to use social media.

Field Team

In the end, the Field Team will help get Carolyn across the finish line.  Working the phones, knocking on doors, and helping with events is a massive effort that requires many volunteers.  These activities may occur at any point in the campaign but are essential in the months just prior to the election.

Field Team Members will represent the candidate via participation in: 

  • Phone Banking (i.e., making scripted calls) to spread the word about the campaign. 
  • Organizing and participating in door knocking around the county.
  • Occasionally participating in events either for or with the candidate.
  • Recruiting additional volunteers for the Field Team.
  • Coordinating with Field Team volunteers to organize phone banking and door knocking schedules.