Carolyn Rush

Carolyn Rush is a problem solver with a viable plan to fix our DC gridlock.

A problem solver who knows how to work with people. Send her to DC to help Congress break the gridlock and make government work for the people.

Carolyn Rush

Carolyn Rush for Congress

Carolyn is frustrated by DC gridlock and hates to see the great ideas of her fellow Democrats wither on the vine. Too often, our representatives let the ‘perfect’ become the enemy of the ‘good’. With so many politicians unwilling to compromise, tribalism abounds. Carolyn is a problem solver who is here to change that. She is exactly what Congress needs. With a knack for explaining things in a way that encourages better listening from her audience, she facilitates meaningful dialogue between parties. She breaks problems down into their most basic elements and helps people understand competing sides of complicated issues. She is persuasive and will skillfully bring other Congressional Representatives around to seeing her point of view.

Carolyn is a problem solver who is ready to bring change to Washington DC.

She is exactly what Congress needs.

Carolyn: An engineer skilled at solving complex problems

Carolyn: A manager who knows how to bring people together to work toward mutually beneficial goals

Carolyn: A proud mother of 5 who knows how to deal with children and childish behavior

Carolyn: A citizen concerned about justice and fairness: For everyone