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Carolyn Rush is  a resident of Sea Isle City, a mother of 5, and grandmother of 3.  She is an engineer with a US Government issued Classified Security Clearance.  She drives a fully electric vehicle and does all she can to decrease her carbon footprint.   She believes in leading by example!

She has an excellent technical background and has worked Department of Defense and the Department of Transportation contracts for most of her career.  While she enjoys the technical nature of the work she does, she has frequently been told by managers that her “soft skills” are her greatest asset. 

She's ready to put these skills to work for her district, her state, and her country!


As a citizen, she is frustrated by the inability of government to pass meaningful legislation.  The gridlock in DC has made it almost  impossible to get bipartisan support for anything.  Carolyn will run as a Democrat who encourages compromise between parties.  Too often, the ‘perfect’ becomes the enemy of the ‘good’.  Each party remains entrenched in its position - unwilling to budge, rarely reaching bipartisan solutions. 


Carolyn is confident her interpersonal skills, communication skills, listening skills, time management, and empathy will allow her to help the members of Congress get beyond their current tribalism.  Her soft skills combined with her technical skills make her extremely rational.  


Although fully supportive of progressive ideas, Carolyn's a realist.  She believes many citizens and their Representatives need to be gently encouraged to embrace progressive ideas.  Once legislative initiatives get labeled as too “progressive” or “far left”, the center and center-right  close their minds. 

Carolyn wants to help them keep their minds open. 


She wants to get Republicans onboard, so great Democratic initiatives don’t ‘wither on the vine’.