I strongly support New Jersey’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by harnessing wind energy. Newly-approved offshore turbines are expected to power roughly 1.5 million homes, create 7,000 new jobs and bring $3.5 billion into our economy.

Phase 1 production of 100 giant turbines to be installed 10 miles off the coast of Ocean City, will be followed by two similar projects — bringing the number of turbines to 200.

In Salem County, construction  has started on a “Wind Port” dedicated to supporting offshore projects. This new facility at the Paulsboro Marine Terminal is the largest industrial offshore wind investment made in the US to date.

One catch – some residents of the 2nd District have raised concerns about whether or not  the proper locations were selected for installation of the wind turbines.  I urge you to visit the SaveLBI.org site to review the project’s technical details – particularly the assessment of viable locations for the turbines – and then decide for yourself.

While it is critical that all voices are heard, it is even more critical that the offshore turbines proceed ASAP.

We must harness wind energy to start the process of reducing carbon emissions NOW!

It’s time to put the PLANET first.